Thank you for your suggestions!

Response to our Suggest a Project! campaign in January has been overwhelming. More than 1,500 suggestions were received! We are very excited about the interest and commitment shown by so many people to our goals.
This means the board of the Foundation now needs some time to consider all your suggestions. If you suggested a project and gave us your contact details we will notify you before the end of February whether or not the project has been invited to make a funding request.
Later in March we will announce which projects have been granted support by PlanetRomeo Foundation and we will tell you more about their activities.

Fundraising campaign at GAYVENTION

PlanetRomeo Foundation took part in this year’s GAYVENTION in Hamburg and with support from the organizers we successfully raised a total amount of € 2,175. Donators were able to choose which cause they wanted to support.

Hein & Fiete ‘Safety Crew’

The Hein & Fiete Safety Crew are a familiar sight in gay Hamburg as they go out and about raising awareness about safer sex & sexual health. € 914 was raised for their distinctive new uniforms. So now they can bring a touch of glamour as well as good advice to Hamburg’s gay scene.

Safe Houses for Iraqi Gays

Iraq is one of the most dangerous places for LGBT people on the planet. Harassment, beatings, arrest and murder are all too frequent occurrences. Sadly gays are not top of the list of priorities for most people and many NGOs. Iraqi LGBT is an organization that works courageously to provide a network of safe houses for LGBT people who are at risk. € 369 was donated towards the running costs of their safe houses.

Uganda & Malawi

One of the priorities of the Foundation is gay rights, and a large part of the money we receive in donations is used to directly support diverse organizations and causes around the world. Earlier this year we donated € 2,000 via OutRage! to support the struggle of LGBT people in Uganda, and to help Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, the couple who were arrested and put on trial in Malawi. € 891 of this contribution was raised at GAYVENTION.

PlanetRomeo BV pledges support

PlanetRomeo BV has pledged regular and ongoing financial support for PlanetRomeo Foundation. This will enable the Foundation to establish itself with a secure footing and to take over responsibility for the supported projects that until now have been handled by PlanetRomeo BV directly. As we expand the number of supported projects, we will seek funding from other sources too. But for the time being this gives the Foundation a solid start.

PlanetRomeo Foundation launched at Amsterdam Gay Pride

The opening party of Amsterdam Gay Pride 2009 was an opportunity for PlanetRomeo Foundation to present itself to the public for the first time. The party was hosted by PlanetRomeo and featured performances by Dolly Bellefleur and The Boy George Experience. As a result of money raised at the event we were able to make a donation of € 1,000 to support the work of Lambda Istanbul, an organization working to improve LGBT rights in Turkey.