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OUR CHILDREN formed by parents of LGBTI children in 2015, responding to a need for support and information by parents. They focus on achieving acceptance from parents of children with a different sexual orientation or gender identity.

In Albania, the first LGBTI parent’s organization has yet to be registered. Parents of, and LGBTI children themselves may face discrimination or violence in the country, especially in more rural areas.

First of all, OUR CHILDREN is going to register itself as an organization. Our funding further enables them to organize the community, by bringing families and LGBTI children together through community meetings in 4 different cities. They also produce several manuals, including the first Manual for Parents, featuring stories from parents of LGBTI children and other relevant information. During the project runtime, they closely cooperate with other organizations.

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Tirana, Albania

Empowering families of LGBTI in Albania
Grant awarded
€ 4,897 - Q1, 2019
Community Organizing