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Our Circle

Our Circle is the only community organization in Belize working towards creating social safe spaces for the LGBT community. Our Circle is run by volunteers and strives for active participation in the community.

Even though law provisions seem to improve gradually, the LGBT community in Belize is still confronted with homophobia and transphobia. In their 2016 Community Needs Assessment, Our Circle found that 83% of the participants experienced homophobia/transphobia from random strangers, and 25% reported experiencing the most homophobia/transphobia from within the LGBT community itself.

To counter internal discrimination and the lack of mutual understanding within the community, an increase of cohesion within the community is necessary.

With the Unified by our Diversities project, Our Circle will organize 10 sports activities. These are followed up by guided discussion groups, called ‘reflection circles’. Also, three adventure trainings and life skills sessions will be set up to contribute to the process of team building, thus promoting meaningful interaction between community members. The project will be concluded with a Pride Fun Day.

International Family Equality Day also gave Our Circle the opportunity to talk on television:

Our Circle
Ladyville, Belize

Unified by our Diversities
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q2, 2017
Community Organizing, Sports & Culture
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