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Other Sheep Rwanda

Other Sheep Rwanda is committed to fighting discrimination and stigmatization of LGBTs and providing education to those who have (unjustly) been arrested by the police because of their sexual orientation.

Rwanda does not have a law criminalizing homosexuality, but Rwandan society on the whole doesn’t accept same sex relationships. The LGBT community continues to face stigmatization, discrimination, social exclusion and violation of their rights, including arbitrary detention, humiliation from health care providers and fear for public disclosure of their sexual identity. Currently, several radio stations and newsletters have been spreading homophobic messages, labeling gay men as “sons of evil” and “counter nature”.

According to Other Sheep Rwanda, a lot needs to be done to ensure LGBTs have equal rights and treatment. The organization want to make Rwanda a safer place for LGBTs by making them aware of their human rights and by sensitizing society to their existence and equal value.

Other Sheep Rwanda
Gisenyi, Rwanda

Reduce stigma, discrimination and protection for the LGBTI community
Grant awarded
€ 4,500 - Q4, 2013