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Ora Pro Morbis Fundraising Event

Ora Pro Morbis

Ora Pro Morbis is an alliance of LGBTIQ activists in the rural areas in northern Nicaragua. They promote and defend human rights with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity.

The organization has been running a shelter facility for LGBTIQ people for 10 years now. So far, they financed the shelter by voluntary contributions and small fundraising activities. However, a recent increase of public hostilities towards LGBTIQ people, such as rape, murder attempts, and violence, lead to a higher demand for refuge.

With our funding, Ora Pro Morbis will be able to double its shelter capacity. Allied individuals and groups will help reconstruct and upgrade the shelter. The organization will also purchase new equipment and other necessary materials.

Ora Pro Morbis Logo
Ora Pro Morbis
Jalapa, Nicaragua

Actions to Improve the Conditions to Protect LGBTI
Grant awarded
€ 3,628 - Q4, 2017