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Organization for Gender Empowerment and Rights Advocacy (OGERA) aims to create awareness on health and human rights of lesbian, bisexual and trans* (LBT) women, women who have sex with women (WSW), and refugee sex workers.

As a result of the anti-homosexuality bill, LBTs, WSWs, as well as the entire LGBTI community have experienced heightened levels of discrimination and violence. With the LBT/WSW Talents to Influence Change project, OGERA wants to create awareness about LBT/WSW rights, reduce discrimination, and also demand equal rights and opportunities for these groups through sports.

In August 2016, they organized the first ever OGERA Cup Tournament, a soccer competition for lesbian, bisexual and trans* (LBT) women.PlanetRomeo Foundation funding enabled OGERA to organize the event, including preliminary human rights trainings and outreach activities. OGERA hopes to turn the soccer competition into an annual event.


I thank you so much for funding this project as it has been a great platform for OGERA and the entire LBT/WSW community.

Batte Shamilah, Executive Director OGERA

Project results

  • Community outreaches to LBT women, including those who are not out;
  • Interactive human rights training to 28 women on LBT rights awareness and skills on how to protect themselves;
  • 6 pre-tournament soccer trainings;
  • A soccer tournament with 42 LBT soccer players, 6 coaches and 2 referees participating;
  • All participants were awarded a certificate;
  • 85 advocacy buttons were produced and given out to fans and players;
  • The tournament was attended by a crowd of more than 100 spectators.

Kampala, Uganda

LBT/WSW Talents to influence Change
Grant awarded
€ 4,506 - Q2, 2016
Sports & Culture
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