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Denis Nzioka News Agency and Service

Even though international sources recognize Kenya’s media as the most free in the East African region, LGBTQI voices are virtually non present.

Denis Nzioka News Agency and Service collaborates with Kenyan, East African and international LGBTIQ, sex work and allied activists. Via its blog it seeks to transform public opinion and social attitudes towards Kenya’s sexual and gender minorities community through grassroots reporting, community commentary and forums for alternative opinions on sex, gender, identity politics and human rights.

PlanetRomeo Foundation funds Nzioka in its ambition to become Kenya’s first LGBTQI publication and online resource and to extend its voice to the entire East Africa queer community. Report on happenings in the LGBTQI and allied community and the creation of a space for critical thought for issues of gender and sexuality will help to increase the visibility of the community itself.

Denis Nzioka News Agency
Nairobi, Kenya

Professionalization program
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q3, 2014