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Anonymous Organization Madagascar

Anonymous Organization

An organization in Madagascar is working for a better environment for trans* and intersex people since 2015. They aim to create a safe haven, away from stigma and discrimination.

Madagascar is not the most pleasant country for trans* and intersex people, especially not in rural areas. People face discrimination, stigma, or abuse. Currently, those people have nowhere to go if they end up on the streets, after being disowned or rejected by their family and broader communities.

With our funding, the organization will set up a drop-in center for trans* and intersex persons, including a short-stay safe house for victims of violence or other crisis situations. The center will become a central point for access to support services and resources for both community members and non-members. They also offer services to drag queens, two-spirit and gender non-conforming individuals, as well as their family, friends, and allies. Last but not least, they will develop a website, brochures, workshops, and organize sports and art activities.

…We still can’t believe it, setting up our own centre in a remote town. We wish to thank your board for giving us a chance to make our dream a reality…”

The organization’s thank you note to PlanetRomeo Foundation.

Anonymous Organization
IT Community Centre
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q3, 2017