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Lokenatya O Sansrik Unnayan Kendro (LOSAUK) is an organization from Khulna, Bangladesh that battles poverty in Bangladesh since 1987. It has a special focus on underprivileged groups including the local transgender community, called hijra’s.

With our funding, LOSAUK organized a national two day conference for the hijra community, attended by 75 particpants. These included Hijra’s and Hijra community leaders from all over the country, and representatives of the government, social services and NGO’s. The event was covered by local and national press.

The conference itself included workshops on topics like social acceptance and integration, public screenings of documentaries and cultural performances by Hijra’s themselves. Part of the conference was also filmed, so that people who weren’t able to take part were able to experience and learn from it.

Khulna, Bangladesh

National conference on rights sharing advocacy of transgender community
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q2, 2014
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