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LGBT United Tetovo

LGBT United Tetovo is a a community-based organization that aims at strengthening the local LGBT community in Tetovo and increase its visibility outside of Macedonia’s capital, Skopje.

As in Tetovo, populations in Gostivar, Struga and Kumanovo are ethnically and religiously diverse. This not only results in discrimination on sexual orientation or gender identity, but on multiple levels.

To counter this, LGBT United Tetovo shared their experience to help to build and strengthen existing local communities in these three cities by organizing group discussions, movie nights and other activities. Also, public events were organized in order to increase the awareness on LGBT issues amongst the wider local population.

Project results

  • More than 45 group discussions and movie/reading nights were organized;
  • 17 outdoor activities took place;
  • 400 flyers with basic information on LGBT topics were produced in the Macedonian and Albanian language, to share and raise awareness. These were distributed during public events in Gostivar, Struga, Kumanovo and in Tetovo;
  • 43 community members were reached, 31 of them were new to the organization’s activities.

LGBT United Tetovo
Tetovo, Macedonia (FYROM)

Strengthening LGBT communities on local level in Gostivar, Struga and Kumanovo
Grant awarded
€ 3,720 - Q4, 2015
Education, Sports & Culture
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