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Lesbian Connection [Anonymous]

Lesbian Connection [Anonymous]

Lesbian Connection [Anonymous] is an initiative from Tanzania, operating under the wings of a larger NGO. They operate underground because being LGBTI can be dangerous in the country.

Identifying as a lesbian organization is too dangerous and the pressure to remain invisible is high. The local lesbian community does not form a strong movement, because they are silenced and scattered.

With our funding, Lesbian Connection aims to bring these community members together to form a strong voice. They do this by organizing workshops focusing on feminist themes. By handing out evaluation sheets after each workshop, they identify which women share the same values. Eventually, a review team tries to discover which of the women are lesbian women and brings them together to form a strong movement. At the end of the project, the movement registers as an NGO.

Lesbian Connection [Anonymous]

Tujuane Project
Grant awarded
€ 2,100 - Q4, 2018
Community Organizing