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ITHUBA Project

ITHUBA Project

ITHUBA Project is a community-based organization that advocates for the rights of LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees who flee to South Africa.

In Cape Town, many LGBTI asylum seekers arrive, hoping to find a safe place and a better future. However, reality differs. ITHUBA noticed that there is a lack of safe housing for asylum seekers who have just arrived and are still undocumented. Existing shelter facilities in Cape Town are only allowed to take in registered individuals.

We fund ITHUBA, so they can open a halfway house as a shelter, especially for these unregistered asylum seekers. They will also help them to get registered and then refer them to other safe houses. The halfway house will host beneficiaries from 7-14 days. During their stay, healthcare is provided, as well as psychosocial and legal support.

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ITHUBA Project
Cape Town, South Africa

Emergency Shelter
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 – Q3, 2018
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