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Indian Aces

Indian Aces is a collective of people on the asexual spectrum from India. As one of the initiators, Dr. Pragati Singh is committed to help people identifying as asexual or questioning their asexuality. She also informs the broader LGBTQIA+ community on the subject of asexuality.

While the broader LGBTI community is currently establishing itself, asexual people are left behind. They mostly do not fit within the LGBTI spectrum and are therefore sometimes misunderstood. The reason we fund Indian Aces can best be described by citing Dr. Pragati Singh’s own words: “…for asexual people to have a sense of community for the first time”.

With this project, the asexual community in India gets a chance to grow and establish itself. Indian Aces will travel all over India and will provide offline meetups, counseling sessions and workshops for the broader community. They will also establish an online forum for members to receive peer support.

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Indian Aces
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