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Human Rights First Rwanda Association

Human Rights First Rwanda Association (HRFRA) from Kigali, envisions a just Rwandan society. The organization successfully spearheaded a campaign to decriminalize LGBTIs in 2009.

HRFRA wants to protect the rights of sexual minorities by debunking prejudice, stereotypes and hate speech among the general public in Rwanda. With our funding, the organization will train 20 journalists on the local LGBTI community and problems it’s facing. It will also broadcast a monthly radio talk show focused on promoting human rights of sexual minorities, produce brochures that promote tolerance, and train 20 LGBTI human rights defenders.

Sexual minorities in Rwanda face a lot of problems like discrimination, stigma, torture and rape. They are excluded and not seen as human beings. Media in the country play a negative role in depicting LGBTIs as a very serious abnormal problem in society. The targeting of sexual minorities in neighbouring states and actions of religious groups are threatening the achievements the LGBTI community has made in the last couple of years. The debate to criminalize homosexual activities has sadly already been reignited.

Human Rights First Rwanda Association
Kigali, Rwanda

Protecting the rights of sexual minorities in Rwanda
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q2, 2014
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