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Green Signal Nepal

Green Signal Nepal is a young, trans*led LGBTI organization that focuses on creating spaces for the community, and empowering them.

In Nepal, trans*men (female to male) are underrepresented and not organized, which results in a lack of community voices and activism. Moreover, they are overshadowed by the trans*women community.

This is why Green Signal will organize workshops and community gatherings in order to empower the trans*men community. They will do this by bringing trans*men together in five different cities. They will help them to create a platform to share, discuss, and learn ways to improve their social status. Most importantly, they want to establish effective leadership within this community.

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Green Signal Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal

Community Organizing: Transmen for Societal Change
Grant awarded
€ 4,983 – Q2, 2018
Community Organizing
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