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Fundacja Cicha Tęcza

Fundacja Cicha Tęcza is a new Polish foundation that focuses specifically on the needs of deaf LGBT people.

Deaf LGBT people in Poland experience double forms of discrimination and social disadvantage because of being both deaf and part of the LGBT community. Accessing LGBT community services is difficult because these are usually for people without hearing problems.

We fund Fundacja Cicha Tęcza so they can organize integrative-educational meetings. Deaf LGBT people are surrounded by people like them in these meetings. This helps to create a sense of unity, community, and acceptance. It also provides an opportunity for them to talk about topics that matter to them with specialists.

The whole purpose of the project is to integrate deaf LGBT people into the broader LGBT community. The meetings help create new friendships and make participants aware that they are not excluded, but part of a larger community.

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Fundacja Cicha Tęcza
Warsaw, Poland

Identity of Deaf LGBT People
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q1, 2019
Community Organizing
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