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FemSlam LBT Women’s Football Team/Initiative is a grassroots group initiative that focuses on LBT women in Serbia and the wider Balkan region. They do this by creating safe spaces, as well as working towards empowerment, awareness raising through football, and establishing a regional network of LGBTIQ+ teams.

With PlanetRomeo Foundation funding, FemSlam carried out their project called The Roaming Pitch, thus strengthening the bonds between different LBT women’s football initiatives and the wider LGBTIQ+ communities.

FemSlam organized six two-day events. During these events, two teams of ten participants met and played a friendly football match. Additionally, workshops, panel discussions, movie screenings, interventions in public space, and time to socialize was on the program.

Project results

  • 6 football themed weekend events were organized;
  • Workshops and discussions were held on the following topics
    • Intersection – LGBTIQ Activism and Sport, Challenges and Experiences;
    • Trans* individuals’ experiences in sports;
    • Invisible Luggage, on experiences of invisibility of LBT women on a football pitch and struggles they had in relation to it;
    • Vogueing.
  • Over 900 people were directly reached by FemSlam’s activities;
  • Some participants finally felt a sense of community because of the sports-related events;
  • Vice Serbia made a documentary about FemSlam (no subtitles available).

FemSlam LBT Women's Football Team/Initiative
Belgrade, Serbia

The Roaming Pitch
Grant awarded
€ 4,829 - Q1, 2017
Sports & Culture  
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