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“FemHouse” was born in 2016, out of a need for a critical space uniting queer feminist activism, art, and knowledge.

LGBT* people face Armenian traditional values, which seek to conserve heteronormativity and confronts queer people with discrimination and violence. This causes a need for a warm and safe space for people to come together and talk. Even though “FemHouse” managed to open a space, neighbours complained and eventually, the landlord kicked them out for this.

Our funding enables “FemHouse” to keep their new safe space open, and ensures a sustainable future. At the same time, weekly discussion events, movie screenings, guest lectures, exhibitions, reading clubs, and many other activities are on the agenda.

Yerevan, Armenia [wpgmza id="119"]
Queer Feminist Community Building in Armenia
Grant awarded
€ 4,994 - Q1, 2019
Community Organizing
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