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Extend A Life Initiative Uganda

Extend A Life Initiative Uganda is a youth-led LGBT organization that works with a community-led approach. They empower community members through their thematic programs. 

LGBT people in rural districts of Uganda have little or no access to information, nor knowledge about their rights. Additionally, they face discrimination and stigmatization because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Our funding enabled Extend A Life Initiative Uganda to organize a week-long camp for LGBT people from rural districts, such as Wakiso, Iganga, Kabarole, Kasese, and Busia. During the camp, workshops and other activities were organized to empower participants and build a supportive, strong, and loving community movement. Also, focused on the needs of rural LGBT youths and from that angle formed a community agenda with goals that matter to them.

Project results

  • 58 LGBT people participated in the Rainbow Family Camp;
  • Participants engaged in a number of sports activities;
  • Gave training sessions focusing on group dynamics and leadership skills;
  • Formed 3 solidarity groups representing various regions of Uganda;
  • Provided Legal Aid, as well as Physical Security Training;
  • Organized Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Services training sessions;
  • Gave gender roles and identities training;
  • Participants were able to share life experiences and challenges in building a strong LGBT movement, through gathering sessions at the campfire.

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Extend A Life Initiative Uganda
Busia, Uganda

The Rainbow Family Camp
Grant awarded
€ 4,742 - Q1, 2019
Community Organizing
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