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‘Element’ Sarajevo

‘Element’ is an organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina that was founded in 2015 and focuses on youth minorities, including LGBTs. The founders have a strong track record in LGBT advocating initiatives and they use this experience to bring the local LGBT communities together and to combine forces.

During an LGBT training camp, LGBTs under the age of 30 were trained on LGBT rights and leadership. This knowledge and these skills are the basis for forming a team of change agents who are active on school grounds and in their local community. Six actions were organized to advocate for LGBT rights in the more rural areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Additionally, ‘Element’ organized an exhibition for a broad audience to raise awareness on LGBT issues and reduce the discrimination of LGBT individuals.

Project results

  • Element organized a three day LGBTI camp with 20 participants from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • They organized 6 awareness raising actions in local communities;
  • They set up the exhibition 2016! LGBTI rights now, with photos of their awareness raising activities.
Center for Youth Education and Mobility 'Element' Sarajevo
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Strengthening LGBT community in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Grant awarded
€ 3,566 - Q1, 2016
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