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Egalite Intersex Ukraine

Intersex people are often stigmatized, mostly because of the many misunderstandings around the intersex condition itself.

Therefore, Egalite Intersex Ukraine wants to develop an informational brochure. The brochure will primarily be made for the parents of intersex people and professionals like teachers, doctors and lawyers, but the information will be accessible for the general public as well.

In order to expand its reach to all Russian-speaking countries, the brochure will be issued in Ukrainian and Russian. Additionally, the info will be made available on a soon to be launched website. After this, Egalite Intersex Ukraine plans to hold presentations about the intersex topic at educational institutes.

Egalite Intersex Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine

Intersex are people like everyone else
Grant awarded
€ 4,670 - Q1, 2016
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