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Društvo Kvartir

Društvo Kvartir aims to build the LGBT community and raise awareness on LGBT issues among the wider society in Slovenia. Currently, their main focus is on bisexual and trans* issues.

Research shows that in Slovenia, the bisexual community is most affected by LGBT-phobia, even more than in the gay and lesbian population. With their project Building Bisexual Community, Kvartir wants to strengthen, empower and educate this community, increase bi-visibility and encourage bi-integration in both the LGBT community and society in general.

With PlanetRomeo Foundation funding 5 different programs will be organized, consisting of 23 events on topics like: bisexuality and identity, relationships and sexuality, community building and activism.

Društvo Kvartir
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Building Bisexual Community
Grant awarded
€ 3,000 - Q1, 2017
Community Organizing
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