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Centre for popular Education and Human Rights, Ghana (CEPEHRG) is the main LGBTI organization in the country. It strives for equal rights and removal of all forms of discrimination in all aspects of life for young people, marginalized societies and sexual minorities.

The LGBT community in Ghana faces a lot of challenges. Same-sex sexual acts are still punishable by law, many LGBTs are still in the closet because of stigma and discrimination and a lot of people within the community are unemployed or thrown out of their homes.

The Protecting LGBT Rights Through Peer Education aimed not only to sensitize the LGBT community on human rights and security issues, but also to improve the knowledge of LGBT peer educators on these issues.

With the aid of PlanetRomeo Foundation the centre trained 15 peer educators and organized workshops in selected regions in Ghana on data protection (f.e. computers, mobile phones). Furthermore, an interactive theatre team was trained on issues related to MSM/LGBT, HIV/STI and discrimination. This team was deployed during interactive training workshops to present these diverse issues to the communities. CEPEHRG performed 10 of these events in the Accra region in an attempt to reduce the stigma and discrimination of LGBTs.

Centre for popular Education and Human Rights, Ghana (CEPEHRG)
Accra, Ghana

Protecting LGBT Rights Through Peer Education
Grant awarded
€ 5,000 - Q3, 2013
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