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Bilitis Resource Center

LGBT people in Bulgaria are still facing social, economic and political discrimination. Although the annual Sofia Pride is changing some attitudes in society, the event itself is still met with opposition by both institutions and religious leaders.

Moreover, hate crimes have been on the rise during the last several years. Because of the predominantly dismissive attitude of the public towards LGBT issues in Bulgaria, the theme of this year’s Pride is Acceptance. In order to encourage a more positive media presence and coverage of the event, Bilitis Resource Center will provide a media kit including workshops for journalists.

Bilitis Resource Center helps to strengthen LGBT activism in Bulgaria by organizing leadership seminars, youth exchange projects and other networking activities. The organization also fights homophobia in the educational system by participating in a cross-European project. Also support is given to LBT women by organizing workshops and sport activities.

Bilitis Resource Center
Sofia, Bulgaria

Media Kit and Workshop for Journalists
Grant awarded
€ 1,000 - Q2, 2013
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