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Arquivo de Identidade Angolano

Arquivo de Identidade Angolano

Arquivo de Identidade Angolano is a feminist group of LBTIQ women from Angola. They aim to transform young LBTIQ women into future leaders, as well as provide shelter in times of need.

Arquivo de Identitdade Angolano (AIA) had a shelter in a less friendly environment. This resulted in attempted rape against LBT women staying in the facility. Therefore, AIA decided to move to a friendlier area, including more security. All this time, AIA’s members paid for the facility themselves, sometimes ending up broke.

With our funding, AIA pays for 6 months additional rent for the shelter, thereby increasing its duration for up to a full year. Group gatherings, cultural activities, psychosocial support, food, and laundry services are available at the safe house.

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Arquivo de Identidade Angolano
Luanda, Angola

No Cubico - LGBTIQ Shelter
Grant awarded
€ 3,526 - Q4, 2018
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