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Transgender Initiative Group

Moscow based Transgender Initiative Group (TIG) wants to give a voice to trans* people in Russia, advance their rights, increase the level of education about trans* issues in Russian society, and diminish discrimination and transphobia.

Trans* people have no safe space in Russia. They mostly live in a hostile environment, face transphobia every day, and become victims of violence as a result of transphobia and discrimination. With PlanetRomeo Foundation funding, TIG will organize a three-day festival for trans* people in November 2017, focusing on career growth technologies, as well as other topics.

Activities will include performances, a fashion show, a seminar/talk-show on human/trans* rights issues for LGBT people and their allies, training sessions and a job fair in order to increase employment opportunities. The festival will also provide them with a safe space to be among themselves and empower each other in the fight for their rights.

Transgender Initiative Group
Moscow, Russia

Forum of Career Growth Technologies for Transgender People
Grant awarded
€ 4,950 - Q1, 2017
Education, Sports & Culture  
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