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Transgender Initiative Group

Moscow based Transgender Initiative Group (TIG) wants to give a voice to trans* people in Russia, advance their rights, increase the level of education about trans* issues in Russian society, and diminish discrimination and transphobia.

Trans* people have no safe space in Russia. They mostly live in a hostile environment, face transphobia every day, and become victims of violence as a result of transphobia and discrimination. With PlanetRomeo Foundation funding, TIG will organize a three-day festival for trans* people in November 2017, focusing on career growth technologies, as well as other topics.

Activities will include performances, a fashion show, a seminar/talk-show on human/trans* rights issues for LGBT people and their allies, training sessions and a job fair in order to increase employment opportunities. The festival will also provide them with a safe space to be among themselves and empower each other in the fight for their rights.

Transgender Initiative Group
Moscow, Russia [wpgmza id="9"]
Forum of Career Growth Technologies for Transgender People
Grant awarded
€ 4,950 - Q1, 2017
Education, Sports & Culture  
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