Priority Themes

PlanetRomeo Foundation supports projects and initiatives under the following themes:

Safety & Shelter

With homosexuality still criminalized in over eighty countries, LGBTI people all over the world suffer from bullying, discrimination, exclusion, violence, imprisonment and in the worst cases, execution. PlanetRomeo Foundation supports projects that provide shelter and a safe haven, especially where their safety and well-being are at risk.


Making sure LGBTI people know their rights is essential for improving access to opportunities. Projects aiming to raise awareness among, and support from the wider (straight) community and policy/decision makers are also eligible. Furthermore the Foundation takes interest in projects focusing on a more LGBTI inclusive school environment.

Sports & Culture

PlanetRomeo Foundation believes sports and cultural activities can make a positive impact on other aspects and areas of people’s lives. The Foundation provides funding to projects that play a distinct role in mobilizing, connecting and strengthening local, disadvantaged LGBTI communities, or making these communities more visible.