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Resource Center for LGBT

The Resource Center for LGBT in Yekaterinburg was established in 2014. They provide psychological and legal support to and raising awareness among the local LGBT community.

Many LGBT organizations refuse to work with LGBTI minors because of Russian law provisions prohibiting “gay propaganda”. The minors themselves are afraid to attend LGBTI events. Due to this situation, LGBTI parents, parents with LGBTI children, and LGBTI minors are vulnerable, closeted and isolated, especially in more rural areas in the country.

With our funding, Accent organized many events in the Resource Center for families and parents of LGBTI children, LGBTI parents, and LGBTI minors. The events focused on collecting information about the needs of these sub-communities, as well as provide adequate support.

Project results

    • 5 events were held and 7 articles were published for LGBT+ youth;
    • A closed community group on social media was established as a safe virtual space for LGBT+ youth to connect with each other;
    • A needs-assessment was carried out for LGBT+ youth;
    • 9 events were held and 7 articles were published for LGBT+ families;
      • The most successful event was the Family Equality Festival celebrating IFED (International Family Equality Day), where visitors could partake in several activities, such as bakery workshops and a Human Library with LGBT families;
    • 6 events were held and 10 articles were published for parents of LGBT+ people;
    • A survey was held focusing on the needs of parents of LGBT+ people;
    • 8 events were held and 7 articles were published for non-monosexual people and families;
    • A survey was carried out on the needs of non-monosexual people.

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Resource Center - Social Project for LGBT People
Yekaterinburg, Russia

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€ 4,952 - Q4, 2017
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