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MSM Club Novosibirsk / MSM Club Nsk

Siberia is an amazing region with many rivers, coniferous forests and a large number of small cities that do not accept LGBTI people. However, activists live in these cities and face many problems every day. In our project, we want to make friends with these brave people from neighbouring Siberian cities.

Festival “Siberian CityCaching 2020” aims to strengthen the LGBTI community in Siberia through identifying and engaging potential leaders in activity in the region. We believe that community development and strengthening can occur through targeted provision of special services and through active encouragement of leaders in their local LGBTI communities. Interaction with leaders and activists’ forms in the LGBTI community beliefs and knowledge for the prevention of HIV infection, to combat domestic violence, helps the formation of legal literacy. Leaders of the regional LGBTI community need regular communication with each other: exchange of experience, information, useful practices and achievements. Joint seminars, conferences, workshops in addition to the educational function help to overcome the lack of attention to the problems of LGBTI communities from official structures, external and internal homophobia, state discrimination and ignoring our problems.

At the end of the project, we dream that the idea of our festival will be adopted in neighbouring regions by teams of LGBTI activists. Our team is ready to share their experience and help in the next event.

Festival Siberian CityCaching 2020
Grant awarded
€ 4,966 - R2, 2019
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