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LGBT+ Families, Children, and Parents

LGBT+ Families, Children, and Parents in Russia

Resource Center for LGBT+ successfully organized events for LGBT+ families, children, non-monosexual people, and parents. In a country such as Russia, this is a difficult task to perform, due to the anti-gay ‘propaganda’ laws.

Nevertheless, the Resource Center even organized a special LGBT+ family festival, honoring International Family Equality Day (IFED). This was one of the most successful activities. During the festival, people could partake in bakery workshops, interactive games for children and parents, and a ‘Human Library’ with LGBT+ families and non-monosexual people. Human Library is pretty much like a normal library, only here there are people on loan for a short time that day. Sometimes there is a catalog of persons to choose from, usually people representing stereotyped and prejudiced communities.

Last but not least, the Resource Center carried out surveys amongst each of the groups. These surveys aimed to assess the needs of the local community, so they can adjust their future programming accordingly.