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Samara Public LGBT Movement Avers

Samara Public LGBT Movement Avers is located in the city of Samara, the sixth largest city of Russia. The organization is committed to the fight for equal rights for LGBT people, opposes discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation or gender and tries to raise awareness on these subjects. Avers also offers psychological and legal assistance to those in need.

With PlanetRomeo Foundation funding Avers will hold a local screening of the documentary film Anyone and Everyone as part of the Saint Petersburg located International LGBT Film Festival Side by Side.
This festival aims to create an open cultural space in which LGBT people will be able to express and explore freely their identity. The screening will be followed by an open discussion with the participation of professional psychologists.

Avers hopes that building a positive dialogue will contribute not only to the protection of the rights of the LGBT community, but also to changes in Russian society and greater tolerance towards sexual minorities.

Samara Public LGBT Movement Avers
Samara, Russia

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€ 500 - Q3, 2014
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