2014 Annual Report

Safety & Shelter
Sports & Culture


Vilnius, Lithuania
Organization: In Corpore
Project: Discussion panels @ Kreivės Festival
Theme: Sports & Culture
Grant awarded: € 2,500
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Bucharest, Romania
Organization: Semper Musica Association Romania
Project: How I Love, Work, Live, Am!
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 4,472
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Krakow, Poland
Organization: Polistrefa
Project: Equal School
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 4,682
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Sofia, Bulgaria
Organization: GLAS Foundation
Project: Act Now Against Hate Crime
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 4,900
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Skopje, Macedonia
Organization: Women’s Alliance
Project: Love Has No Gender
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 5,000
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Samara, Russia
Organization: Samara Public LGBT Movement Avers
Project: LGBT Cinema in your Town
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 500
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Initiator: Shayok Mukhopadhyay
Project: Gautam Buddha
Theme: Sports & Culture
Grant awarded: € 5,000
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Managua, Nicaragua
Organization: FIATPAX
Project: Strengthening LGBT Human Rights Activists
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 2,500
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Seoul, South Korea
Organization: Dong in Ryeon
Project: Rainbow Teen Safe Space
Theme: Safety & Shelter
Grant awarded: € 5,000
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Ankara, Turkey
Organization: T-Der
Project: I Was Reborn
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 5,000
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Khulna, Bangladesh
Organization: LOSAUK
Project: National Transgender Community Conference
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 5,000
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Hong Kong, China
Organization: Transgender Resource Center
Project: Transgender Public Education
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 4,680
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Tel Aviv, Israel
Organization: The Aguda
Project: Israeli and Arab LGBT Refuge and Outreach
Theme: Safety & Shelter
Grant awarded: € 4,000
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Manama, Bahrain
Organization: Mideast Youth
Project: ahwaa.org – Community Manager
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 5,000
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Effurun-Warri, Nigeria
Organization: Queer Alliance Nigeria
Project: Safety & Securety of LGBT Nigerians
Theme: Safety & Shelter
Grant awarded: € 5,000
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Organization: Unnamed Project East Africa
Project: Security training for LGBTI Activists
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 5,000
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Kigali, Rwanda
Organization: Human Rights First Rwanda Association
Project: Protecting Sexual Minority Rights
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 5,000
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Kisumu, Kenya
Organization: Keeping Alive Societies Hope
Project: Promoting Safe MSM and LGBT Environment
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 5,000
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Nairobi, Kenya
Organization: Denis Nzioka News Agency and Service
Project: Professionalization Program
Theme: Education
Grant awarded: € 5,000
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Kampala, Uganda
Organization: Triumph BI East-Africa
Project: Professionalization Program
Theme: Uganda
Grant awarded: € 4,500
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PlanetRomeo Foundation hereby presents its 2014 annual report. In 2014, 22 projects have been supported for a total amount of € 97,734 funded.

2014 Project Overview

A total of 94 funding requests have been received in 2014, 68 of which were rejected because they did not match the Foundation’s funding strategy and policy. At the end of 2014, 4 funding requests were still under consideration and became part of the first 2015 review cycle.

Funding Requests 2014

Under consideration end of 2014 ▼
4 requests
4% of 94 requests
Rejected ▼
58 requests
62% of 94 requests
Granted ▼
22 requests
24% of 94 requests

A total of 22 funding requests were granted a contribution in 2014 for a total amount of € 97,734 allocated. An overview of these projects can be found in the world map presented above.

Amount Awarded by Region

Asia & the Pacific ▼
€ 24,680
5 projects
Africa ▼
€ 34,500
7 projects
Other European Countries ▼
€ 5,500
2 projects
Middle East & North Africa ▼
€ 9,000
2 projects
EU Countries ▼
€ 21,554
5 projects
Central America ▼
€ 2,500
1 project

Amount Allocated by Theme

Sports & Culture ▼
€ 8,220
10.0% of € 82,380
Education ▼
€ 54,160
65.7% of € 82,380/span>
Safety & Shelter ▼
€ 20.000
24.3% of € 82,380

2014 Financial Overview

In 2014, the total amount of donations received was € 96,835. PlanetRomeo Foundation received a total of € 36,835 in third party donations from individuals: an amount of € 36,865 was donated by the planetromeo.com community, € 3,150 from other sources. PlanetRomeo B.V. made a donation of € 60,000.

Income 2014: € 96,835

Donation PlanetRomeo B.V. ▼
€ 60,000
61.9% of € 96,835
Donations planetromeo.com community ▼
€ 33,685
34.8% of € 96,835
Third party donations ▼
€ 3.150
3.3% of € 96,8357

In 2014, the total amount of expenditures was €104,334. The greater part of this cost, € 97,734, consists of the actual project funding. On overhead, € 6,600 was spent. Relative to the above mentioned annual income of € 96,834, this results in an overhead percentage of 6.8%.

Expenditures 2014: € 104,334

Project funding ▼
€ 97,734
93.7% of € 104,334
Overhead ▼
€ 6,600
6.3% of € 104,334

Service Agreement
PlanetRomeo B.V. provides services, like the provision of staff, office space and inventory to PlanetRomeo Foundation. This is set in a so-called Service Agreement which has been valued at a cost level of € 38,405. To cover these costs, PlanetRomeo B.V. donates these services in-kind. This allows PlanetRomeo Foundation to keep its overhead cost at the lowest level possible. The total amount of operational costs, service agreement excluded, was € 6,600 in 2014.

Release of funding obligations
During 2014, a few payment installments for projects supported in previous years were cancelled, due to projects being finished with less expense than previously budgeted for, or projects that didn’t meet their original project goals. This led to a release of funding obligations over previous years in the amount of € 3,430.

2014 Result
The negative result for the year 2014 in the amount of (€ 4,069) has been deducted from the other reserve.


2014 Annual Overview


In 2014, the Foundation Management Board paid specific attention to achieving an increased number of funding requests and a higher quality level. The board also focused on ensuring a better balanced regional coverage. With regard to the internal organization, the Foundation invested in fine-tuning the funding request review process, and further improving other procedures and forms. Furthermore, the Management Board in 2014 decided to intensify the relation between the Foundation and the planetromeo.com community. In the third quarter, the Board met for one and a half days to conduct a mid-term evaluation of the 2013-2016 strategy plan.

Activities in 2014

By-laws Change
In 2014, the Foundation Management Board decided to change the by-laws. The main purpose of this was to include the ‘I’ in ‘LGBTI’, thus becoming explicitly inclusive of the intersex community. This and other minor changes were made. These changes became officially effective in early 2015.

Fundraising Activities
The Foundation Donation Program, initially developed in 2013, enables the planetromeo.com community to easily make a donation of either € 10, € 25 or € 50. As an acknowledgement for their donation they receive the Foundation logo with either a white, silver or gold border in their profile for one year. In 2014, the program was reviewed and revised in order to further enhance fundraising opportunities. More emphasis was placed on sensitizing the willingness to donate. Furthermore, a retention option was built-in, in order to encourage those who made an initial donation in 2013, to renew their donation. Also, effort was put into publishing regular updates on the latest approved funding requests. These were not only targeted at those who made a donation, but also at the entire planetromeo.com community. This, in order to increase awareness about the work of the Foundation and ultimately increase both the number of users donating as well as the total amount donated. The overall income out of fundraising activities turned out to be less than in 2013, mainly due to the decision to postpone a major fundraising campaign to 2015.

Strategic Focus Development
Because the current strategy plan runs from 2013 to 2016, the board decided to conduct a mid-term evaluation meeting of one and a half day. In this meeting, the current funding policy was reviewed and fine-tuned where necessary. Also further decisions were made regarding the Foundation’s communications policy and funding strategies. To ensure a balanced flow between the number of funding requests received and the granted project contributions, the Foundation Board has given priority to establishing and strengthening relationships with international LGBTI funding organizations and other relevant stakeholders. For this purpose, an e-brochure was developed and distributed among the international network of Foundation Management and Supervisory Board members.

Organizational Developments

Management Board
In 2014, the Management Board maintained a regular frequency of meetings to safeguard the further development of the organizational structure, policy and strategy of the Foundation. The board met 10 times in 2014.
Pieter Brokx, Managing Director of the Dutch Hiv Association, joined the Management Board and took over the role of treasurer from Herman Bijkerk, who represented PlanetRomeo B.V. on the board. In close consultation with the Supervisory Board, and to further disentangle the relationship between PlanetRomeo Foundation and PlanetRomeo B.V., the decision was made to end the term of appointment of PlanetRomeo B.V. within the Management Board and reappoint PlanetRomeo B.V. in the Supervisory Board. At the end of 2014, the management board consisted of 5 members.

Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board convened three times in 2014. Two of these meetings were joint meetings with the Management Board to adopt the 2014 budget and the 2013 annual account respectively.
In addition, the Supervisory Board was informed about policy and strategic developments in consistency with its supervisory task.
Also at the end of 2014, PlanetRomeo B.V., represented by Herman Bijkerk, was appointed as the fourth member of the Supervisory Board.

Report from the Supervisory Board
In order to structure its statutory tasks and facilitate its non-statutory tasks, like the exchange of information and the provision of advice, the Supervisory Board – in dialogue with the management board – drafted a Supervision Plan. This plan was adopted in December 2014.

Full 2014 Annual Report
The full 2014 Annual Report is available for download.