2012 Annual Report

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PlanetRomeo Foundation hereby proudly presents its 2012 annual report. In 2012 a lot of effort has been put into further positioning PlanetRomeo Foundation and expanding its charitable work. This lead to a substantial increase of the number of projects supported worldwide.

2012 Project Overview

PlanetRomeo Foundation received a total of 83 funding requests in 2012. The Management Board rejected 56 requests, mainly because they did not match the Foundation’s funding strategy and policy. At the end of the year 6 funding requests were still under consideration and became part of the first 2013 review round.

Funding Requests 2012

A total of 21 funding requests were granted a contribution in 2012 for a total amount of € 70,747 allocated. An overview of these projects can be found in the world map presented above.

Amount Awarded by Region

Amount Allocated by Theme

2012 Financial Overview

In 2012 the total amount of donations received was € 77,731. PlanetRomeo Foundation received € 2,804 from individual donations. PlanetRomeo B.V. made a donation of € 74,927. The negative operating result of € 4,044 was covered by the 2011 reserve that now has balance of € 19,125.

Income 2012: € 77,731

In 2012 the total amount of expenditures was € 81,775. The greater part of this cost, € 70,747, consists of the actual project funding. On overhead, € 11,028 was spent, which results in an overhead percentage of 14.2%.

Expenditures 2012: € 81,775


2012 Annual Overview

Activities in 2012
In order to increase the Foundation’s visibility, the Suggest A Project campaign was launched in early 2012. This campaign was conducted in order to involve the PlanetRomeo.com community in PlanetRomeo Foundation. The online survey form yielded a total of 1,600 suggestions. The Foundation Management Board selected 50 of these suggestions and invited the project initiators to submit a funding request; 10 of which were eventually funded. The campaign also resulted in an increase in the number and quality of funding requests received.
In December 2012 PlanetRomeo Foundation launched its own website. The presentation of the projects supported by the Foundation has been at the center of the website development. The website is a resource for all essential information on PlanetRomeo Foundation, such as vision and mission, funding strategy and policy and the conditions for submitting a funding request. In the first 3 weeks after its launch over 500 responses were received through the online contact form. The launch marked a crucial next step in the further development of the identity of PlanetRomeo Foundation. Furthermore, the website is an important tool for achieving the Management Board’s policy of transparency.

Policy and Strategy Development
2012 marked the end of the first long-term strategy plan. For this reason the Management Board conducted a self-evaluation session. In this evaluation, it was concluded that PlanetRomeo Foundation now has a solid organizational structure with a professional Management and Board of Trustees. As a result of its increased visibility, the Foundation is able to donate a substantial part of its resources and thus, further realizes its main objectives.
Based on the experience gained over the last three years, the Management Board revised its ambitions as well as the Foundation’s funding policy. Additional funding strategies were also developed. This has all been drawn up in the new long-term strategy plan 2013-2016 that will be published online soon.

Organizational Structure
In 2012, the Management Board has maintained a high frequency of board meetings to ensure the further development of the Foundation; a total of 12 meetings were conducted. Because the appointment term of 2 Management Board members ended in the second quarter of 2013, 3 new board members were recruited: Ms. Hartman, Mr. Bouwens and Mr. Van Steijn.
The Supervisory Board met twice in 2012, with the Management Board also attending. In these meetings the 2011 annual report, the 2013 budget and the long-term strategy plan 2013-2016 were adopted. The meetings also provided the Supervisory Board with the opportunity to assess the policy and strategy developments, in accordance with their supervisory role. In 2013, further strengthening of the Supervisory Board has been established with the appointment of Ms. Harting and Mr. Van Roozendaal, both former members of the Management Board.